Amira, Colombian Kiss Escort

Escort with a bare face for duplexes in Barcelona, with red lingerie. Amira

Amira, escort in Barcelona

How are you love? Are you looking to get away from all your problems and enjoy the company of a beautiful and sensual escort in Barcelona ? You came to the right place. My name is Amira and I am a Colombian escort who came to Barcelona to live intense experiences.

Physically, I am a woman with great curves and beautiful large breasts . I have soft brown hair that you will love to feel on your body. With my 22 years old, I know how to please my lovers in their whims, but I am also open to learning new things.

I have the gift of making each date unique and special, for this I will ask you to tell me your deepest erotic fantasies and I will take care of preparing the perfect meeting for you. I am an expert in doing oral sex and I love duplexes , especially with my colleagues from Lounge 113. What do you like, love?

Handsome, I'll wait for you at Lounge 113 , where everything can come true. I also make outings to hotel and home . You choose where our perfect evening will be.

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