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Sex fantasies

Sexual fantasies are those thoughts that we eventually have in which we imagine an erotic story with someone else, which could well include fetishes or sexual desires with women or men.

Normally, most people do not discuss their sexual fantasies with anyone, out of shame or fear of rejection, but at Lounge 113 we help you with them, here you will find many girls who will be willing to listen to your deepest secrets and make them come true.

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In Lounge 113 you will find hookers and escorts for sexual fantasy in Barcelona, but if you fancy any other extra service you can find information here:

Lounge 113, your Barcelona brothel
Lounge113 map

Las Ramblas, nº 113, 2nd floor
08002 Barcelona
2 minutes walk from Plaza Catalunya

+ 34 935 136 170
+ 34 663 138 774

How to get?
Subway: L1, L3
FGC: L6, L7, S1, S2
Bus: 67, B24, D50, L95
Car: Parking 1 minute. C / Pintor Fortuny, 17-19

Taxi: Be careful with some taxi drivers, many will try to take you to other places that pay them commission. If they tell you that our house is closed, it is a lie.