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Does it turn you on to be the one giving the orders in bed? Then you will enjoy like never before a sex session with submissive hookers in Barcelona within the facilities of our night club in Barcelona.

The term of submission is used within the practice of BDSM and goes together with that of domination. It is a consensual role play in which the dominant feels sexual pleasure in exercising power over the submissive, just as the submissive person enjoys being spanked and bossed around.

Although the level of submission depends a lot on each person, at Lounge we like to talk about a light submission or what is known as erotic sado. Here you can find the submissive escort in Barcelona that you like the most and be her master for one night.

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Date with a submissive escort in Barcelona: recommendations

Turning an escort into your submissive is something very pleasant, so here are some recommendations for you to enjoy this sensual practice to the fullest and without any inconvenience:

  • People who participate in the role play should do so voluntarily, without feeling forced or pressured.
  • Limits must be set before starting the session
  • Set a safe word that allows the submissive to stop the game when she thinks it is necessary, it must be a word that is easy to remember and fast to say, such as “stop”.

Submissive whores in BCN with Lounge 113

If you are looking to get started in the game of dominance and submission, you are in the right place. The submissive hookers in Barcelona who collaborate with our Sex Club offer this service within the erotic sado or light sado service, so called because the intensity is usually mild.

It should be noted that the girls who are advertised as BCN submissive escorts on our website are not professionals of domination or submission, this service is above all a role-playing game and an attitude rather than physical contact.

In any case, we recommend telling the manager all your tastes and expectations and she will advise you on the escort that best suits you.

If you have more questions about the service of submissive hookers in BCN, do not hesitate to contact us through our contact form.

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